Beacon Arts
808 North La Brea Avenue . Inglewood CA 90302
Lineamenta . Curated by Renee Fox
Lineamenta brings together a group of artists whose work examine and expand on the definition of drawing.  This group of work by different artists from Los Angeles to Geneva seeks to redefine drawing, not as an abstract means to an end but as a finite genre, encompassing many different types of media. Drawing is commonly understood  as a vague plan or a sketch of an idea for something else. It is this limbo of undefined territory that the work in this show will inhabit, placing drawing in the spotlight as finished work, using sculpture, video, installation and both traditional and unusual drawing techniques.
Artists included are:
China Adams, Steven Bankhead, Fay Ray, GeoVanna Gonzales, Kate Harding, Doug Harvey, Flora Kao, Jed Lind, Nuttaphol Ma, Jessica Minckley, Sandeep Mukherjee, M.A. Peers, Antoine Roegiers, Leigh Salgado, Amy Sarkisian, Lisa C Soto and Tim Youd.
For the exhibition, multidisciplinary artist Nuttaphol Ma camps in the gallery space at Beacon Arts. With a time clock acquired from his “day job” at a retail shop, Ma clocks in and clocks out his time from 8th May to 10th May 2012 resulting in a site specific drawing that celebrates the heroic mundane tasks attached to labor. Ma intervenes the multiple surfaces directly facing the main entrance door to La Brea Boulevard. These surfaces include walls, a column and a part of the interior doorframe within the gallery space. Using the perimeter of the main entrance door as the unit of measurement, Ma alters these architectural forms as a memorial for the unsung actions of the worker. The site specific drawing is activated when viewers connect the fragmented parts of the marked surfaces to “re-form” the entrance door.
12 May 2012 – 24 Jun 2012
Opening Reception . Saturday 12 May 6p-9p
Closing Reception + Artists’ Talk . Sun 24 Jun  1p-4p
Gallery Hours . Thu – Sat 1p-6p | Sun 1p-4p
Tel:  (310) 419-4077
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