Beacon Arts @ 1019 WEST
1019 West Manchester Boulevard . Inglewood CA 90301
Urania Festival . A day of performances to celebrate the flyover of the Shuttle Endeavor . Organized by 1019 WEST tenants Jeff Peters and Henry Kitchen
In conjunction with the space shuttle Endeavour landing at LAX, multidisciplinary artist Nuttaphol Ma uses the rooftop at 1019 West Manchester, the sites and sounds of passing planes and ground level traffic as an orchestral backdrop to move to John Cage’s 4’33” composition. Ma takes on the persona of Captain Mundane, an accidental superhero who performs mundane tasks, to move within the composition. The dance captures Captain Mundane laundering discarded fabric from Ma’s day job at a retail shop, mimicking the wash cycle of the washing machine with his hand. The washings contain three movements mirroring Cage’s 4’33” piece with the first movement being 30 seconds of prewash, the second movement being 2 minutes 23 seconds of washing and the third movement being 1 minute 40 seconds of rinsing.
The Urania Festival gathers art performances, the community and music to celebrate the landing of Space Shuttle Endeavour.  Participants will be able to watch the flyover and landing of the space shuttle in the early portion of the festival from 10am to noon.  The evening portion begins at 6pm to 10pm and celebrates the landing of Endeavour.
Friday 21 September 2012
Morning Festivities . 10a-noon . Performance by Nuttaphol Ma @ 10:15a and by Amy Kaps @ 10:25a
Evening Festivities . 6p-10p . Performance by Amy Kaps @ 7:05p and by Sheree Rose @ 7:35p
Link:  youtube: movements to 4’33”  vimeo: movements to 4’33”