The Fellows of Contemporary Arts
970 North Broadway Suite 208 . Los Angeles CA 90012
The Small Loop Show . Curated by China Adams
The show is the second half of a pair exhibitions that focus on artists who have an established, working relationship with reused materials.  While the first Loop Show featured large-scale works, The Small Loop Show features the work of the same artists, at a small scale and is framed by the contemplation on the problems of excess and material waste.  For the exhibition, multidisciplinary artist Nuttaphol Ma presents Spool No. 001 > made in the china outpost, a handcrafted spool on a lazy susan purchased from Ikea.  The object functions as a container for the plastic threads processed and manufactured from Ma’s self-imposed sweatshop at a basement of a defunct art gallery on Chung King Road. The spool is Ma’s holding ground for the material. He will one day repurpose them to be used as the wall material in the reconstruction of his ancestral house.
29 Sep 2012 – 24 Nov 2012
Opening Reception . Saturday 29 Sep 6p-9p
Gallery Hours . Call to inquire
Tel:  (213) 808 1008
Curator Statement: