445 Natoma . San Francisco CA 94103
Bureau. Curated by designers of o+a
For the inaugural exhibition at Bureau, an experimental storefront space which features works that explore and redefine the conventions of what an office can be, Nuttaphol Ma extracts materials used from past installation and performance works to create a sculpture, entitled recall, to function within a workspace environment.  From his self-imposed sweatshop in Los Angeles Chinatown, The China Outpost, Ma repurposed materials purchased from Home Depot to create handcrafted miniature pallets as structural support for the sculpture and used lashing straps to secure the pallet units in place.  Ma’s poetic use of material offers participants an open-ended dialogue about migration and survival.  Among the featured works at Friday’s opening are The Edge, the modular workstation designed by o+a for OFS Brands; hand-crafted footstools o+a designer David Hunter; original art by Erik Otto, custom bike accessories by Oliver DiCicco, cycling caps from Chuey Brand, wooden six-pack holders from Merriment Hardware, backpacks from Archive and sunglasses from Capital Eyewear.
14 Jun 2013 – onwards
Reception . Friday 14 Jun 6p-10p