The dA Center for the Arts
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Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan is a group exhibition that will explore the social dynamics of pedagogy as it pertains to contemporary art making. The show will feature the multidisciplinary works of 10 Los Angeles based artists, all of whom recently ended their training together in a yearlong arts education fellowship at The Armory Center for the Arts. The two week long exhibition will include works, ranging from painting to video, that seek to highlight the important issues every artist must face when revisiting the classroom as a teacher.
Artists included are:  Elisa Saether, Matt Hillseth, Jay Lizo, Rebecca Bennett Duke, Quinton McCurine, Elena Rosa, Anne McCaddon, Nuttaphol Ma, Allison Behrstock and Gerardo Monterrubio.
For the exhibition, Nuttaphol Ma constructs a contemplative space filled with nine chairs borrowed from the gallery and a handcrafted blackboard made from cast-off materials from Ma’s retail day job.  On the board, Ma shares lyrical series of questions that cultivate the socio-political and mythical roots of his multidisciplinary works.
14 Sep 2013 – 28 Sep 2013
Opening Reception . Saturday 14 Sep 5p-9p
Closing Reception . Saturday 28 Sep 5p-9p
Gallery Hours . Wednesday – Saturday 12p – 4p
Tel: 909 397 9716