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The China Outpost
The China Outpost @ Union Station  

The China Outpost project is a nomadic self-imposed sweatshop created by multidisciplinary artist Nuttaphol Ma.  The installations for the performance work have existed at two fixed locations in Chinatown, Los Angeles from July of 2010 to June of 2014.  The first location was at the basement of a defunct art gallery on Chung King Road.  The second location was situated behind a store-front gallery within a derelict shopping plaza.
This mobile iteration of The China Outpost takes on the road with forthcoming temporal settlements.  For his maiden passage, Ma occupies a seat at the lobby of Union Station.  There, he performs mundane tasks of cutting a boxful of discarded plastic bags to smaller pieces, looping them into threads and spinning the threads to house them in handcrafted stick shuttles with the intention of amassing this material to be used for Ma’s eventual reconstruction of his ancestral house.  The process repeats over and over again from 6pm to 9pm on Saturday 26 Jul 2014.  Conversations, thoughts and reflections with curious passerby about the site’s historic and cultural significance will be recorded via tweets @thechinaoutpost.
Subsequent movements of The China Outpost > on the road … will travel to open lots of big box stores throughout Los Angeles.  Details of these forthcoming passages will be posted via The China Outpost’s twitter feed @thechinaoutpost.
Sat 26 Jul 2014
Performance: 6p-9p @ lobby of Union Station Los Angeles