Monte Vista Projects
5442 Monte Vista Street
Los Angeles CA 90042
A Grain of Rice Under A Microscope by Nuttaphol Ma . Screening at Monte Vista Projects
A Grain of Rice Under A Microscope was inspired from an event that took place at Ma’s retail day job on a busy autumn Sunday in 2010.  A co-worker approached him looking deeply distraught.  She saw their managers watching their activities on the office’s computer monitor.  The artist woke up the following day feeling like a grain of rice under a microscope.
In 2013, Ma set out to retrace his experience of that busy autumn Sunday.  He performed an act of sitting and surveying in and around the premise of McDonald’s to mirror the 8 hour shift of the workers behind the counter. Two rolls of B/W super 8 film were deconstructed to shoot one frame for every four seconds in order to capture his 8 hour sitting where he recorded unfolding events and conversations that occurred between management, himself and two police officers. The film is a poetic experience that slips between work and memory, protest and meditation, surveillance and watcher.
Sat 10 Jan & Sun 11 Jan 2015
Screening Time:  noon – 5pm
Link:  montevistaprojects