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École Internationale de New York (EINY)
111 E 22nd Street
New York . NY 10010
Across the Sky
   an artist-in-resident project by Nuttaphol Ma in collaboration with 4th/5th Grade Students at EINY
For Nuttaphol’s residency at EINY, he will work with EINY’s 4th and 5th Grade students in a week-long workshop that will culminate in a collaborative kite installation entitled Across the Sky.  Leading up to his residency, Ma and the EINY faculty have been working with students via social media to have conversations about his practice.  Ma uses the symbols and meanings of kites to engage with students to an open-ended dialogue about place and memory, the longing and not BE longing.
Across the Sky draws inspiration from a site-specific performance in 2009 in Death Valley California where Ma constructed a handheld kite and ran with it towards the middle of Badwater Basin.
This collaborative installation comprised of objects, writings and drawings display a process-based approach to discovering one’s own symbol associated with place and memory. Across the Sky is a collective mythology of our meanderings, our longing and not BE longing. As our kites take flight in the sky, we reflect on our surroundings, our neighbors, our families, our enemies. What are our wishes for the world? Some wishes are attached to our kites while some remain sheltered. In the end, we simply let go.
Residency Date : 03 Feb – 09 Feb 2015
Opening Reception:  Mon 09 Feb 2015 . 8a-9a
Film Screening & Artist Talk:  Fri 24 Apr . 10a – 11a
Viewing Hours:  By Appointment Only through Thu 23 Apr
Tel . 818 859 3812

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