École Internationale de New York (EINY)
111 E 22nd Street
New York . NY 10010
Across the Sky by Nuttaphol Ma . Screening at EINY
Across the Sky follows a propeller to a meditative journey into a man’s past, his recollections of overflowing riverbanks, his sitting on the steps of his childhood home watching planes and kites passing by.  The film invites viewers to a poetic experience about the longing and not BE longing.
As a result of a week-long residency with EINY’s 4th and 5th Grade students in February 2015, Ma introduced the uses of symbols and meanings of kites to engage with students to open-ended dialogues about place and memory. The film incorporates students’ kite markings and their wishes across the sky into the narrative.  An artist talk will follow the screening of the film.
Film Screening & Artist Talk:  Fri 24 Apr . 10a – 11a
Contact:  Tel . 818 859 3812
Link to Across the Sky: