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The Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) presents an evening of screenings and performances as a response the US government denying entry visas to Salvadoran artists selected to take residence at SFAI.  The evening brings together, in solidarity, artists, filmmakers, activists, journalists and cultural producers to explore what it means to have your access to the US and access to physical safety, denied.
Participants include:  Julián Cardona (Journalist, Mexico), Mauricio Esquivel (Artist, El Salvador), Ernesto Bautista (Artist, El Salvador), Mauricio Kabistan (Artist, El Salvador), Bryan Alexis & Allegra Love (Student/Immigration Lawyer, El Salvador & USA), Israel Haros Lopez (Artist, USA & Mexico), Erika Harrsch (Artist, USA & Mexico), Tings Chak & Sheena Hoszko (Artists, Canada), Nuttaphol Ma (Artist, USA & Thailand), Carlo Abruzzese (Artist, USA), Emma FitzGerald (Artist, Canada), Lois Klassen (Artist, Canada), Gregory Waits (Architect, USA)
Date:  Wednesday 20 April 2016 . 7p-9p
Location: Santa Fe Art Institute . 1600 St. Michaels Drive . Santa Fe . NM 87505
Link:  SFAI > Access Denied . Creative Responses to Borders
Contact:  505 424 5050   .
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As part of Access Denied . Creative Responses to Borders conversation at SFAI, I will activate SFAI’s courtyard space with an installation entitled Bells from an Empty Flagpole that gestures a symbolic grafting of two plant species – one blossoms El Salvador’s national flower, flor de izote, the other gives New Mexico’s state flower, the yucca. In preparation for the work, I had asked the Salvadoran artists who were denied entry visa to the US, Ernesto Bautista and Mauricio Kabistan, to courier their cuttings of the yucca gigantea to Santa Fe. These stems, together with my cuttings that resulted from my meandering search for the desert yucca plant, will propagate within a hand-crafted container where I will continue to nurse and cultivate them throughout the duration of my residency at SFAI.
Nuttaphol Ma
10Apr2016 . Santa Fe NM USA