Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 22.49.00.pngLa Maison du Bonheur
2225 13th Avenue . Oakland CA 94606
Nuttaphol Ma:  Readings from The China Outpost @ La Maison
From MayDay to 27May 2016, multidisciplinary artist Nuttaphol Ma relocated The China Outpost, Ma’s nomadic self-imposed sweatshop, to Santa Fe New Mexico as part of his residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute.  There, he occupied open lots of big box stores along Cerrillos Road – a major thoroughfare leading to Santa Fe that has eroded its intimacy to a web of megastores.  At these contested sites, Ma continued to process discarded plastic bags into threads, amassing the material to be used for the eventual reconstruction of his ancestral house. 
Conversations, both verbal and nonverbal, arose. Delicate moments unfolded. The unknown script became known.  Ma recorded these open ended gestures into poems and moving images. Readings from The China Outpost @ La Maison chronicles Ma’s durational work with a performance reading of his recollections and a premiere screening of The China Outpost @ Santa Fe . 01May-27May 2016.  An interactive installation inviting participants’ responses to five selected poems from Ma’s recollection whilst in Santa Fe will accompany the performance and screening.  The evening event launches Ma’s artist’s book about The China Outpost’s intervention in Santa Fe.
Time:  Saturday 12 November 2015 . 4p – 7p
Site:  2225 13th Avenue . Oakland CA 94606