Lokkus Arte Contemporáneo
Carrera 36 No. 10A 35 Edificio “La double Elle”
Medellín . COLOMBIA
Mauricio Esquivel:  At the Borders
 “At the Borders” brings together the most striking aesthetic proposals of Salvadoran artist Mauricio Esquivel.  The exhibition presents Esquivel’s work from 2010 to 2016.  The project also presents three guest works by artists with whom Esquivel has had a dialogue on violence, migration and informal economy.  The guest artists are:  Michael Conti (United States), Nataliya Petkova (Bulgaria) and Nuttaphol Ma (United States / Thailand).
For the exhibition, Nuttaphol Ma presents a video installation of his recent film entitled “Bells from an Empty Flagpole” which chronicles a man’s journey, a wandering search for the coveted yucca flower deep in the heart of the desert sea.  The film gives a complex glimpse of a hopeful observer’s response to discovering that his two Salvadorian friends had been denied entry to the US.  The unfolding story negotiates the landscape of New Mexico to make sense of the current socio-political uncertainties where borders and boundaries are in question.