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Analog Dissident is an on-going project by multidisciplinary artist Jimena Sarno that brings together radical/immigrant/queer artists and thinkers to have meaningful conversations on topics ranging from inclusion/exclusion, consensus, capitalism, security culture, immigration, citizenship, and the environment.  Analog Dissident creates a non-hierarchical space that is supportive and fosters relationships / collaborative opportunities.
Analog Dissident / July 2017 features conversations with Nuttaphol Ma and Nooshin Rostami.  Nuttaphol Ma is a nomad, a storyteller and a rock climber.  Nooshin Rostami is a slow running, a fast swimmer and a curious adventurer/soul.
Time:  Thursday 13 Jul 2017 . 1900p
Place:  The Mistake Room . 1811 East 20th Street . Los Angeles CA 90015