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Arena 01 Gallery
3026 Airport Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Defining Detritus
   curated by China Adams
“Defining Detritus brings together a group of Los Angeles based artists who share the practice of regularly working in collage – a medium that speaks specifically to the transient nature of material.  Collage celebrates the decayed, worn-out and cast-aside.  The exhibition offers a visual metaphor on how art can help us come to terms with our fragility (and even find beauty in it).” – China Adams
Participating artists: China Adams, Sandy de Lissovoy, Renée Fox, Jane Handel, Jacci Den Hartog, Doug Harvey, Seonna Hong, Jason Ellenburg Jones, Bernard Leibov (Boxo), John Luckett, Lilah Lutes, Nuttaphol Ma, Marisa Mandler, David McDonald, Michael Oliveri, Angela Stage, Don Suggs, Young Y. Summers, Jake Townsend, Ozzy Trujillo, Joan Weinzettle, Ewa Wojciak, Joan Wulf, HK Zamani, and Alexis Zoto.
Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 19.42.43.pngThink towards arrival, but not of lost heart. – Nuttaphol Ma
For the exhibition, I present คิดถึงได้แต่อย่าเสียใจ (Kit tung dai, deh yah sieh jai).  They are words from a Thai elder which loosely translate to the title of my ephemeral sculpture – Think towards arrival, but not of lost heart.  The resulting work for the show gestures an act of ancestral veneration.  Using debris from newspaper and cast-off cardboard packaging material, I set out to collage these elements to construct a model of my ancestral house.  For the duration of the exhibition, the object becomes a temporal spirit house.  It rests on handcrafted sawhorses made from discarded wood scraps.  At the end of the exhibition, my family and I will cremate the house as an offering to our ancestors.  The ashes will be collected for my eventual pilgrimage to the highest peak of continental US.  There, I shall offer these ashes to the spirits in the sky.
08 Sep 2018 – 06 Oct 2018
Opening Reception:  Sat 08 Sep 2018 . 6p-9p
Gallery Hours:  Wed – Sat 12noon – 6pm
Phone:  310.397.7456
Link:  Arena 1 Gallery – Defining Detritus