Santa Fe . New Mexico

Littleglobe TV / Episode 6: The Garden

The latest Littleglobe TV episode features stories of Santa Fe emerging from winter, exploring new beginnings during this complex time. “The Garden” episode features contributing producers including artists from across Santa Fe: Nuttaphol Ma, Dan Stephensen, Ehren Kee Natay, Zubair Siddiqui, Austin Ross, Ash Haywood, Nadine Oglesby, Alejandro Snodgrass, Aurora Escobedo, and the multigenerational Littleglobe Team (Ed Radke, Hank Rogerson, Jason Silverman, Katy Gross, Dylan Tenorio, Jaydin Martinez, and Chris Jonas).

For the episode, I’m thrilled and honored to collaborate with Hank Rogerson and Dylan Tenorio to produce เรือนกระจก (The Greenhouse). The short film captures unfolding moments with Leonard and Bungon in their greenhouse that reveals a place of tenderness, love, care, and connections to a home deeply rooted in New Mexico and a home from afar.

Premiere Date: Tue 20 Apr 2021
Time: 7p Mountain Time
Virtual Place: Littleglobe TV
Archived @: TBD

Event is free and open to the public