Equal Justice . 20Sep – 27Sep . Opening Reception Wed 20Sep 530-8p @ Santa Fe Art Institute

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Santa Fe Art Institute
1600 St. Michaels Drive . Santa Fe . New Mexico 87505

Equal Justice

SFAI’s Equal Justice Residents are creative practitioners from all over the world, coming together to investigate how can art be used to engage systems of power and foster social and racial equity. This exhibition will highlight the work of current and local artists in residence.
Participating artists / collectives include:  Alicia Marie Rencountre-Da Silva . Cara Levine . Confluence Collective . Gil Arnold Ngolé . Israel Francisco Haros Lopez . Jacinthe TwoBulls . Jackie Munro . La Familia Medical Center . Naomi Fawn Moss . Nuttaphol Ma . Peggy Diggs . Shelbie Loomis . Tamara Ann Burgh . Tiger Toe Collective.
Time:  Wed 20 Sep 2017 – Wed 27 Sep 2017
Opening Reception:  Wed 20 Sep . 530p – 8p
Gallery Hours:  M-F 9-5p
Phone:  505.424.5050
Link:  https://sfai.org/ej_exhibition/

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As part of the Equal Justice exhibition, I shall be presenting Juárez Thumbleweed – a video documentation of a site specific performance that took place in Ciudad Juárez.

Analog Dissident . Conversations with Nuttaphol Ma and Nooshin Rostami . THU 13Jul17 . 1900p @ The Mistake Room

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Analog Dissident is an on-going project by multidisciplinary artist Jimena Sarno that brings together radical/immigrant/queer artists and thinkers to have meaningful conversations on topics ranging from inclusion/exclusion, consensus, capitalism, security culture, immigration, citizenship, and the environment.  Analog Dissident creates a non-hierarchical space that is supportive and fosters relationships / collaborative opportunities.
Analog Dissident / July 2017 features conversations with Nuttaphol Ma and Nooshin Rostami.  Nuttaphol Ma is a nomad, a storyteller and a rock climber.  Nooshin Rostami is a slow running, a fast swimmer and a curious adventurer/soul.
Time:  Thursday 13 Jul 2017 . 1900p
Place:  The Mistake Room . 1811 East 20th Street . Los Angeles CA 90015
Link:  http://analogdissident.org/about-analog-dissident

Mauricio Esquivel: At the Borders . 18Mar – 29Apr 2017 . Video Installation of “Bells from an Empty Flagpole . Lokkus Arte Contemporáneo . Medellin COLOMBIA

Lokkus Arte Contemporáneo
Carrera 36 No. 10A 35 Edificio “La double Elle”
Medellín . COLOMBIA
Mauricio Esquivel:  At the Borders
 “At the Borders” brings together the most striking aesthetic proposals of Salvadoran artist Mauricio Esquivel.  The exhibition presents Esquivel’s work from 2010 to 2016.  The project also presents three guest works by artists with whom Esquivel has had a dialogue on violence, migration and informal economy.  The guest artists are:  Michael Conti (United States), Nataliya Petkova (Bulgaria) and Nuttaphol Ma (United States / Thailand).
For the exhibition, Nuttaphol Ma presents a video installation of his recent film entitled “Bells from an Empty Flagpole” which chronicles a man’s journey, a wandering search for the coveted yucca flower deep in the heart of the desert sea.  The film gives a complex glimpse of a hopeful observer’s response to discovering that his two Salvadorian friends had been denied entry to the US.  The unfolding story negotiates the landscape of New Mexico to make sense of the current socio-political uncertainties where borders and boundaries are in question.


Making Plans . 18Mar – 26Mar . Opening Reception Sat 18Mar 7p-10p . Film Screening Sun 26Mar 6p-8p @ Human Resources

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Human Resources
410 Cottage Home Street . Los Angeles . 90012
MAKING PLANS brings together a coalition of artists engaging with issues of labor, access, invisibility, and power through various actions. In the introduction to Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do (1974), a transcription of interviews with working people, oral historian Studs Terkel begins by likening work to violence. This “daily humiliation,” is at the root of a Capitalist condition which, as Marx wrote many years prior, “uses up its material factors, its subject and its instruments, consuming them,” yet continues to endure, despite an established discourse and data all but exhausting its systemic flaws and troubled histories.  
This violence also emphasizes a search for daily meaning, rationale for the empty hours, dissent and hopelessness of that condition. In MAKING PLANS, new economies of production emerge or return in retaliation, deliberately positioning life and practice in such a way that acknowledges complicity, yet still consistently working to eradicate that which does not work.
If we accept that Capitalism has failed us, but that a true Communism cannot [yet?] be achieved, how do we proceed? As Paulo Freire’s writes,“only human beings are praxis;” a constant and vigilant re-examination of the pervasive, endangering methodologies are needed, so that something else, something better, might arise. MAKING PLANS unsettles politics of the felt sense, the haptic, oral, performed and unforming; laboring for emancipation through an indeterminate apparatus, unfolding through the show’s duration.
“I’m not so much despairing as asking a question about making plans.”
Fred Moten
Artists in the exhibition include: Astrovandalistas (Rodrigo Frenk, Lleslie Garcia and Thiago Hersan), Díaz Lewis (Alejandro Figueredo Diaz-Perera and Cara Megan Lewis), Ishi Glinsky, Nuttaphol Ma, Jimena Sarno, Aram Han Sifuentes and Kim Zumpfe.
MAKING PLANS is organized by two artists, Kyle Bellucci Johanson and Matthew Lax, who work as preparators, facilitating and fabricating the work of others.
Time:  Sat 18 Mar 2017 – Sun 26 Mar 2017
Opening Reception:  Sat 18 Mar . 7p-10p
Film Screening:  Sun 26 Mar 6-8p > work by Nuttaphol Ma, Behrouze Rae and others will be presented.
Gallery Hours:  Wed – Sun 12-6p
Directions:  http://humanresourcesla.com/visit/
Link:   http://humanresourcesla.com/event/making-plans/
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My proposed work is entitled Mr. Proud, why do I have to memorize the Star Spangled Banner?  It is a durational performance resulting in a site specific wall intervention in reference to the sketch above.  Over the course of the performance the intervention shall transform a wall space into a form of a flag – a nameless, stateless flag that honors the heroic mundane with the dimension repurposed from the standard size of a typical drywall, often referred as the “4×8 drywall”.  The intent is to flip this around to an 8’ x 4’ size that shall serve as the blueprint to house the flag.
The labor of these wall markings will take place during Human Resources “off” hours at 8hr shift intervals starting on Mon 13Mar to Thu 16Mar from 11pm to 7am.  These hours replicates the graveyard shift and shall be my proposed work hours.  It is suggested not as an artist’s attempt to romanticize and patronize the idea of invisible labor but it is my honest truth.  I, too, juggle multiple jobs between teaching and my retail day job.  The only available hours in the day to navigate around this is from 11pm to 7am.
The resulting evidence or marks of my actions on the wall shall be accompanied with a screening of a film entitled A Grain of Rice Under a Microscope. Together, they make a contemplative couplet on the heroic mundane.

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Would Be Saboteurs Take Heed – Double Zine Launch . Women’s Center for Creative Work . Sat 11Mar2017 . 5-8p

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Women’s Center for Creative Work
2425 Glover Place . Los Angeles . 90031
Double Zine Launch : Would Be Saboteurs Take Heed (Issue 2: Spirit(s) . Issue 3: Love&Struggle)
Would Be Saboteurs Take Heed, a community-based publication featuring Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) artists and writers, is celebrating the double launch of issue 02 [spirit(s)] and issue 03 [love & struggle].  Join us for readings and performances from our contributors.  Please bring a dish for our potluck!  Zines are for sale – $5 (cash only).  A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA).
Contributors include:
Issue 02: Spirit(s) >>> Byron Au Yong . Elizabeth Ahn . Emily Ryan + Isabel Ryan . johanna hedva . Nuttaphol Ma . Sally Chung . t.k. lê . Thinh Nguyen . Victoria Tao . Yoshie Sakai
Issue 03: Love & Struggle >>> Alan Nagakawa . Amy Uyematsu . Carol Zou . Cat Chiang . Guan Rong . Heisue Chung-Matheu, Grace Hwang, SoYun Cho . huang xiao mei + mei mei + zhao wen + feng yuan . Jennifer Moon . Pearl C. Hsiung + Michael C. Hsiung . Ranu Murkerjee . Scott Oshima . Satpreet Kahlon . Seo Yun Son . Surface . Tomorrow Girls Troop . Toro Castaño

Co-edited by:  Audrey Chan . Connie Ho . Soyoung Shin

Time:  Saturday 11 Mar 2017 . 5p – 8p
Contact:  info@wccw.us
Link:  http://womenscenterforcreativework.com/events/would-be-saboteurs-take-heed-double-zine-launch/

Nuttaphol Ma: “Readings from The China Outpost @ La Maison” . Performance / Screening @ La Maison du Bonheur > Sat 12Nov16 . 4p-7p

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 22.49.00.pngLa Maison du Bonheur
2225 13th Avenue . Oakland CA 94606
Nuttaphol Ma:  Readings from The China Outpost @ La Maison
From MayDay to 27May 2016, multidisciplinary artist Nuttaphol Ma relocated The China Outpost, Ma’s nomadic self-imposed sweatshop, to Santa Fe New Mexico as part of his residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute.  There, he occupied open lots of big box stores along Cerrillos Road – a major thoroughfare leading to Santa Fe that has eroded its intimacy to a web of megastores.  At these contested sites, Ma continued to process discarded plastic bags into threads, amassing the material to be used for the eventual reconstruction of his ancestral house. 
Conversations, both verbal and nonverbal, arose. Delicate moments unfolded. The unknown script became known.  Ma recorded these open ended gestures into poems and moving images. Readings from The China Outpost @ La Maison chronicles Ma’s durational work with a performance reading of his recollections and a premiere screening of The China Outpost @ Santa Fe . 01May-27May 2016.  An interactive installation inviting participants’ responses to five selected poems from Ma’s recollection whilst in Santa Fe will accompany the performance and screening.  The evening event launches Ma’s artist’s book about The China Outpost’s intervention in Santa Fe.
Time:  Saturday 12 November 2015 . 4p – 7p
Site:  2225 13th Avenue . Oakland CA 94606

Visual Poem > “Ten Crows” published in 2nd edition of Would Be Saboteurs Take Heed . Oct/Nov 2016

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The China Outpost @ Santa Fe NM . MayDay – 27May 2016 . image of conversation with Ten Crows
Would Be Saboteurs Take Heed is a zine that echos the voices of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). This zine, inspired by radical AAPI publications like Gidra and named after a song by an all-AAPI riot grrl band Emily’s Sassy Lime, weaves together AAPI stories to construct a collective voice.  I am thrilled and honored to contribute my visual poem entitled “Ten Crows” to the 2nd edition of Would Be Saboteurs Take Heed.  The writing of Ten Crows resulted from my recollection of a conversation I had with the Governor of Abiquiú Pueblo during my durational performance in Santa Fe New Mexico.
Editors (2nd Edition):  Audrey Chan . Connie Ho, Soyoung Shin
Contributors:  Elizabeth Ahn, Thinh Nguyen, Victoria Tao, T.K. Lê, Nuttaphol Ma, Yoshie Sakai, Johanna Hedva, Emily Ryan, Isabel Ryan, Byron Au Yong, Sally Chung
Link:  Would Be Saboteurs Take Heed . vol.01
Publication Date:  Oct/Nov 2016