Visual Poem > “Ten Crows” published in 2nd edition of Would Be Saboteurs Take Heed . Oct/Nov 2016

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The China Outpost @ Santa Fe NM . MayDay – 27May 2016 . image of conversation with Ten Crows
Would Be Saboteurs Take Heed is a zine that echos the voices of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). This zine, inspired by radical AAPI publications like Gidra and named after a song by an all-AAPI riot grrl band Emily’s Sassy Lime, weaves together AAPI stories to construct a collective voice.  I am thrilled and honored to contribute my visual poem entitled “Ten Crows” to the 2nd edition of Would Be Saboteurs Take Heed.  The writing of Ten Crows resulted from my recollection of a conversation I had with the Governor of Abiquiú Pueblo during my durational performance in Santa Fe New Mexico.
Editors (2nd Edition):  Audrey Chan . Connie Ho, Soyoung Shin
Contributors:  Elizabeth Ahn, Thinh Nguyen, Victoria Tao, T.K. Lê, Nuttaphol Ma, Yoshie Sakai, Johanna Hedva, Emily Ryan, Isabel Ryan, Byron Au Yong, Sally Chung
Link:  Would Be Saboteurs Take Heed . vol.01
Publication Date:  Oct/Nov 2016

Screening > “Passages of our Inner Longing” in conjunction with “Border Crossings” – multidiciplinary work by Emma FitzGerald . Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier21 . 15Oct2016 > 6p-midnight

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 10.36.00.pngPassages of our Inner Longing . 1min 36sec . 2015 – Nuttaphol Ma
The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier21 presents performances and screenings in conjunction with Nocturne Halifax.  The evening features the work of multidisciplinary artist Emma FitzGerald entitled “Border Crossings”, a work that excavates the motives of people who are forced to migrate and those that stop them as well as the motives of an institution like Pier21, which celebrates a particular Euro-centric narrative of immigration.  Inspired by readings of “The Beast” by Salvadorian journalist Oscar Martinez which recounts migrants’ perilous journeys from Central America to the US, FitzGerald translates these collective stories into a durational performance of mark-making the word “wall” for 12 hours on a wall inside Pier 21.  A time-lapse projection of FitzGerald’s earlier durational “wall” markings at Santa Fe Art Institute illuminates the pedestrian walkway outside the museum. Three films will accompany the outdoor projection. The films, “Border Cantos” (Israel Haros Lopez, Mexico / USA), “Passages of our Inner Longing” (Nuttaphol Ma, Thailand/USA), and “Meatball” (Mauricio Esquivel, El Salvador), all deal with the trauma of forced migration.
Date:  Saturday 15 October 2016 . 6p-midnight
Location:  Canadian Museum of Immigration @ Pier 21 . 1055 Marginal Road . Halifax CANADA
Links:  “Border Crossings” – Pier21 / Nocturne Halifax

The China Outpost @ Santa Fe NM . MayDay – 27May 2016 . a socio-cultural intervention at public spaces along Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe New Mexico

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The China Outpost
The China Outpost @ Santa Fe New Mexico  
The China Outpost project is a nomadic self-imposed sweatshop created by Nuttaphol Ma.  The source of this undertaking is a cross section of Ma’s experiences at his retail day job and the research of his ancestral house in Southern China. Since the project’s inception in Jul 2010, Ma stages these temporal settlements throughout Los Angeles. They function as makeshift forums to perform mundane tasks of transforming discarded plastic bags into plastic threads, a material he will use as the core building material for the eventual reconstruction of his ancestral house.
As part of Ma’s residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute, The China Outpost will occupy open lots of big box stores along Cerrillos Road – a major thoroughfare leading to Santa Fe that has eroded its intimacy to a web of megastores. The sociocultural interventions at these contested sites function as make-shift forums that invite curious passerby to open ended conversations about migration and the labor of adapting to a new home. 
Duration:  Sunday May Day 2016 to Fri 27 May 2016
Week of 01May16 :
+ Sun 01May16 : Open Lot of Airport Cerrillos STORAGE . Airport Road + Cerrillos Road . noon-1p
+ Tue 03May16: Open Lot of Fashion Outlet . Beckner Road + Cerrillos Road . noon-2p
+ Wed 04May16: Open Lot of Walmart SuperCenter . Herrera Drive + Cerrillos Road . noon-2p
+ Thu 05May16: Open Lot of Santa Fe Place Mall . Rodeo Road + Cerrillos Road . noon-2p
+ Sat 07May16: Open Lot of Target . Zafarano Drive + Cerrillos Road . noon-2p
Week of 08May16 :
+ Mon 09May16: Open Lot of Lowe’s . Zafarano Drive + Cerrillos Road . noon – 2p
+ Wed 11May16: Open Lot of Home Depot. Richards Avenue + Cerrillos Road . noon-2p
+ Thu 12May16: Open Lot of Walmart. Camino Consuelo + Cerrillos Road . 3p-5p
+ Sat 14May16: Open Lot of Target . Zafarano Drive + Cerrillos Road . noon-2p
Week of 15May16 :
+ Sun 15May16: Open Lot of Walmart SuperCenter . Herrera Drive + Cerrillos Road . noon-2p
+ Mon 16May16: Open Lot of Airport Cerrillos STORAGE . Airport Road + Cerrillos Road . noon-2p
+ Tue 17May16: Open Lot of Fashion Outlet . Beckner Road + Cerrillos Road . noon-2p
+ Wed 18May16: Open Lot of Santa Fe Place Mall . Rodeo Road + Cerrillos Road . noon-2p
Week of 22May16 :
+ Mon 23May16: Open Lot of Target . Zafarano Drive + Cerrillos Road . noon-230p
+ Wed 25May16: Open Lot of Home Depot. Richards Avenue + Cerrillos Road . noon-230p
+ Thu 26May16: Open Lot of Airport Cerrillos STORAGE . Airport Road + Cerrillos Road . noon-3p
Details of these forthcoming passages along Cerrillos Road will be posted via The China Outpost’s
Twitter feed @thechinaoutpost
Instagram feed @thechinaoutpost
Tumblr feed @thechinaoutpost

Access Denied . Creative Responses to Borders . “Bells from an Empty Flagpole” responds . Wed 20 Apr 2016 . 7-9p @ Santa Fe Art Institute


Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 19.02.09.png
The Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) presents an evening of screenings and performances as a response the US government denying entry visas to Salvadoran artists selected to take residence at SFAI.  The evening brings together, in solidarity, artists, filmmakers, activists, journalists and cultural producers to explore what it means to have your access to the US and access to physical safety, denied.
Participants include:  Julián Cardona (Journalist, Mexico), Mauricio Esquivel (Artist, El Salvador), Ernesto Bautista (Artist, El Salvador), Mauricio Kabistan (Artist, El Salvador), Bryan Alexis & Allegra Love (Student/Immigration Lawyer, El Salvador & USA), Israel Haros Lopez (Artist, USA & Mexico), Erika Harrsch (Artist, USA & Mexico), Tings Chak & Sheena Hoszko (Artists, Canada), Nuttaphol Ma (Artist, USA & Thailand), Carlo Abruzzese (Artist, USA), Emma FitzGerald (Artist, Canada), Lois Klassen (Artist, Canada), Gregory Waits (Architect, USA)
Date:  Wednesday 20 April 2016 . 7p-9p
Location: Santa Fe Art Institute . 1600 St. Michaels Drive . Santa Fe . NM 87505
Link:  SFAI > Access Denied . Creative Responses to Borders
Contact:  505 424 5050   .
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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As part of Access Denied . Creative Responses to Borders conversation at SFAI, I will activate SFAI’s courtyard space with an installation entitled Bells from an Empty Flagpole that gestures a symbolic grafting of two plant species – one blossoms El Salvador’s national flower, flor de izote, the other gives New Mexico’s state flower, the yucca. In preparation for the work, I had asked the Salvadoran artists who were denied entry visa to the US, Ernesto Bautista and Mauricio Kabistan, to courier their cuttings of the yucca gigantea to Santa Fe. These stems, together with my cuttings that resulted from my meandering search for the desert yucca plant, will propagate within a hand-crafted container where I will continue to nurse and cultivate them throughout the duration of my residency at SFAI.
Nuttaphol Ma
10Apr2016 . Santa Fe NM USA

Spatializing Sovereignty . 4th Annual Symposium of The Society of Radical Geography, Spatial Theory, and Everyday Life . Friday 04 Mar 2016 10a-6p @ Mills College > Carnegie Hall . Bender Room

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 19.22.40.png

The Society for Radical Geography, Spatial Theory, and Everyday Life presents the 4th annual symposium entitled “Spatializing Sovereignty”. This year’s symposium seeks explorations of how sovereignty is spatialized at all levels. How do variously defined geographies determine the limitations and possibilities of sovereignty as concept, as process, and as discursive and political strategy?
Keynote addresses include Dr. Mishuana Goeman, Associate Professor of American Indian Studies and Gender Studies at UCLA and Gelare Khoshgozaran, writer and multidisciplinary artist.  Presenters include: Stevie Ruiz, Bedour Alagraa, Johanna Breiding, Shoghig Halajian, Dan Bustillo, Michelle Potts, Neil Nunn, Claire Urbanski, Heike Schotten, Nuttaphol Ma, Khadeeja Avvirin Gray and Billy-Ray Belcourt.
Conference Date: Friday 04 Mar 2016 . 10am – 6pm
Location:  Mills College . Bender Room @ Carnegie Hall . 5000 MacArthur Blvd . Oakland CA 94613
Full Schedule of Events:
Event is free and open to the public . to register:

summertimeshift . 14Jun15 – 28Jun15 . Reception > Sun 14Jun15 5p-8p @ Summercamp’s ProjectProject

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Summercamp’s ProjectProject
3119 Chadwick Drive . Los Angeles CA 90032

summertimeshift, organized by Fatima Hoang, Elonda Billera and Janice Gomez, brings together artists whose work has a shifting relationship to time, be it through sands of the hourglass, endurance, clashing of past and present, memory, or comedic timing.  Artists include:  Michael Ano, Deborah Aschheim, Neha Choksi, Kohl King, Nuttaphol Ma, Anna Mayer, David Prince, Emily Sudd and Billy Kheel in Guestroom.

14 Jun 2015 – 28 Jun 2015

Reception . Sun 14 Jun 2015 5p-8p with Musical Guests: Ray & Remora, Abe Lagrimas Jr.
Related Events
+ Michael Ano : Fountain Workshop > Sun 14Jun 5p / Sun 21 & 28 Jun 2-4p
+ Performance by Nuttaphol Ma : Sun 28 Jun 4p
Hours:  by appointment
Link:  summertimeshift @ summercamp projectproject

Nuttaphol Ma: Ghosts Can Cross Oceans . Curated by Ciara Ennis . 17May15 – 28Jun15 . Reception > Sun 17May15 2p-5p @ Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG)
4800 Hollywood Boulevard . Los Angeles CA 90027

Nuttaphol Ma:  Ghosts Can Cross Oceans . Curated by Ciara Ennis
Ghosts Can Cross Oceans comprises a meditative sitting space on LAMAG’s balcony, which houses a white jade orchid tree that once grew in Nuttaphol Ma’s parent’s garden before being cut down. The installation references the artist’s memory of his father’s daily ritual of collecting the tree’s blossoming flowers called dawg jam bee—loosely translated as ‘flower remember year’ in Thai—to make offerings to the family altar.  Lining the perimeter of the balcony are store-purchased lemongrass plants that Ma has cultivated and brought back to life. Ghosts Can Cross Oceans navigates between longing and not BE longing and the conflicting desire for stability versus perpetual flight.
17 May 2015 – 28 Jun 2015 (***extended to September 2015***)
Reception . Sun 17 May 2015 2p-5p
Gallery Hours: Thu – Sun  > noon to 5p
Phone: 323.644.6269