Bureau . curated by o+a designers . debuts on 14jun13 . opening reception Fri 14jun13 6p-10p @ 445 Natoma SF 94103


445 Natoma . San Francisco CA 94103
Bureau. Curated by designers of o+a
For the inaugural exhibition at Bureau, an experimental storefront space which features works that explore and redefine the conventions of what an office can be, Nuttaphol Ma extracts materials used from past installation and performance works to create a sculpture, entitled recall, to function within a workspace environment.  From his self-imposed sweatshop in Los Angeles Chinatown, The China Outpost, Ma repurposed materials purchased from Home Depot to create handcrafted miniature pallets as structural support for the sculpture and used lashing straps to secure the pallet units in place.  Ma’s poetic use of material offers participants an open-ended dialogue about migration and survival.  Among the featured works at Friday’s opening are The Edge, the modular workstation designed by o+a for OFS Brands; hand-crafted footstools o+a designer David Hunter; original art by Erik Otto, custom bike accessories by Oliver DiCicco, cycling caps from Chuey Brand, wooden six-pack holders from Merriment Hardware, backpacks from Archive and sunglasses from Capital Eyewear.
14 Jun 2013 – onwards
Reception . Friday 14 Jun 6p-10p
Web:  http://www.o-plus-a.com/wild-things-are-happening/

Zero Down . Curated by 5790projects . 01jun13 . Reception Sat 01jun13 6p-8p @ 1019 West Manchester 90301


5790 projects @ 1019 WEST
1019 West Manchester Boulevard . Inglewood CA 90301
Zero Down . Curated by Catlin Moore, Matthew Gardocki and Marielos Zeka
Zero Down features eight LA-based performance artists in a one-night exhibition on Saturday 01 Jun from 6p-8pm.  Concurrently, more than twenty artist studios in the 1019 West building will be exclusively open for viewing during the opening’s hours.
For the exhibition, Nuttaphol Ma premieres footages of a performance that took place at The China Outpost, Ma’s self-imposed sweatshop at the basement of a defunct art gallery in Chinatown Los Angeles. As a result of sewage water from the gallery’s toilet directly above the sweatshop overflowing into the space, Ma was told that part of the sweatshop was to be jack-hammered on 10 Feb 2012.  In preparation for the event, Ma cut the site in half, one side to continue to iron while the other side to stage the workers’ excavation and realignment of the shitpipes below.  The short film is entitled Shitpipe Explosion @ The China Outpost 10feb12.
01 Jun 2013
Reception . Saturday 01 Jun 6p-8p
Web:  http://5790projects.com/
Link:   Youtube: Shitpipe Explosion  Vimeo Shitpipe Explosion

The Small Loop Show . Curated by China Adams . 29sep12 – 24nov12 . Reception Sat 29sep12 6p-9p @ FOCA

The Fellows of Contemporary Arts
970 North Broadway Suite 208 . Los Angeles CA 90012
The Small Loop Show . Curated by China Adams
The show is the second half of a pair exhibitions that focus on artists who have an established, working relationship with reused materials.  While the first Loop Show featured large-scale works, The Small Loop Show features the work of the same artists, at a small scale and is framed by the contemplation on the problems of excess and material waste.  For the exhibition, multidisciplinary artist Nuttaphol Ma presents Spool No. 001 > made in the china outpost, a handcrafted spool on a lazy susan purchased from Ikea.  The object functions as a container for the plastic threads processed and manufactured from Ma’s self-imposed sweatshop at a basement of a defunct art gallery on Chung King Road. The spool is Ma’s holding ground for the material. He will one day repurpose them to be used as the wall material in the reconstruction of his ancestral house.
29 Sep 2012 – 24 Nov 2012
Opening Reception . Saturday 29 Sep 6p-9p
Gallery Hours . Call to inquire
Tel:  (213) 808 1008
Web:  http://www.focala.org/contact.php
Curator Statement: http://theloopshow.com/show.html

movements to 4’33” . 21sep12 . 10:00am . performance @ 1019 W Manchester 90301

Beacon Arts @ 1019 WEST
1019 West Manchester Boulevard . Inglewood CA 90301
Urania Festival . A day of performances to celebrate the flyover of the Shuttle Endeavor . Organized by 1019 WEST tenants Jeff Peters and Henry Kitchen
In conjunction with the space shuttle Endeavour landing at LAX, multidisciplinary artist Nuttaphol Ma uses the rooftop at 1019 West Manchester, the sites and sounds of passing planes and ground level traffic as an orchestral backdrop to move to John Cage’s 4’33” composition. Ma takes on the persona of Captain Mundane, an accidental superhero who performs mundane tasks, to move within the composition. The dance captures Captain Mundane laundering discarded fabric from Ma’s day job at a retail shop, mimicking the wash cycle of the washing machine with his hand. The washings contain three movements mirroring Cage’s 4’33” piece with the first movement being 30 seconds of prewash, the second movement being 2 minutes 23 seconds of washing and the third movement being 1 minute 40 seconds of rinsing.
The Urania Festival gathers art performances, the community and music to celebrate the landing of Space Shuttle Endeavour.  Participants will be able to watch the flyover and landing of the space shuttle in the early portion of the festival from 10am to noon.  The evening portion begins at 6pm to 10pm and celebrates the landing of Endeavour.
Friday 21 September 2012
Morning Festivities . 10a-noon . Performance by Nuttaphol Ma @ 10:15a and by Amy Kaps @ 10:25a
Evening Festivities . 6p-10p . Performance by Amy Kaps @ 7:05p and by Sheree Rose @ 7:35p
Link:  youtube: movements to 4’33”  vimeo: movements to 4’33”

Lineamenta . Curated by Renee Fox . 12may12 – 24jun12 . Reception Sat 12may12 6p-9p @ Beacon Arts

Beacon Arts
808 North La Brea Avenue . Inglewood CA 90302
Lineamenta . Curated by Renee Fox
Lineamenta brings together a group of artists whose work examine and expand on the definition of drawing.  This group of work by different artists from Los Angeles to Geneva seeks to redefine drawing, not as an abstract means to an end but as a finite genre, encompassing many different types of media. Drawing is commonly understood  as a vague plan or a sketch of an idea for something else. It is this limbo of undefined territory that the work in this show will inhabit, placing drawing in the spotlight as finished work, using sculpture, video, installation and both traditional and unusual drawing techniques.
Artists included are:
China Adams, Steven Bankhead, Fay Ray, GeoVanna Gonzales, Kate Harding, Doug Harvey, Flora Kao, Jed Lind, Nuttaphol Ma, Jessica Minckley, Sandeep Mukherjee, M.A. Peers, Antoine Roegiers, Leigh Salgado, Amy Sarkisian, Lisa C Soto and Tim Youd.
For the exhibition, multidisciplinary artist Nuttaphol Ma camps in the gallery space at Beacon Arts. With a time clock acquired from his “day job” at a retail shop, Ma clocks in and clocks out his time from 8th May to 10th May 2012 resulting in a site specific drawing that celebrates the heroic mundane tasks attached to labor. Ma intervenes the multiple surfaces directly facing the main entrance door to La Brea Boulevard. These surfaces include walls, a column and a part of the interior doorframe within the gallery space. Using the perimeter of the main entrance door as the unit of measurement, Ma alters these architectural forms as a memorial for the unsung actions of the worker. The site specific drawing is activated when viewers connect the fragmented parts of the marked surfaces to “re-form” the entrance door.
12 May 2012 – 24 Jun 2012
Opening Reception . Saturday 12 May 6p-9p
Closing Reception + Artists’ Talk . Sun 24 Jun  1p-4p
Gallery Hours . Thu – Sat 1p-6p | Sun 1p-4p
Tel:  (310) 419-4077
Web:  http://beaconartsbuilding.com/
Video Documentation:  http://youtu.be/IpyCh41DU18
Press Release: http://beaconartsbuilding.com/pr-lineamenta 

The Loop Show . Curated by China Adams . 03dec11-15jan12 . Reception Sat 03dec 6-9p . @Beacon Arts

an american storage company . 03dec11 site-specific work by Nuttaphol Ma
Beacon Arts
808 North La Brea Avenue . Inglewood CA 90302
The Loop Show . Curated by China Adams
Artist China Adams first curatorial project brings together a group of artists whose work collectively presents a vision of the art object as something rich and vibrant born of cast off materials, the things we are leaving behind.
For the exhibition, multidisciplinary artist, Nuttaphol Ma, intervenes the NW 4th floor corner of a former storage facility-cum-gallery space to construct a baseball backstop that overlooks a field of intersecting concrete walls, a pitcher’s mound and what appears to be a vertical sewage pipe.  Ma makes a pilgrimage to Manzanar California to collect soil from a hollow tree.  The soil, mixed with manure purchased from Home Depot and lemongrass compost Ma has cultivated, roots the foundation for the pitcher’s mound within the installation.
03 Dec 2011 – 15 Jan 2012
Opening Reception . Saturday 03 Dec 6p-9p
Closing Reception + Artists’ Talk . Sun 15 Jan  1p-4p
Gallery Hours . Thu – Sat 1p-6p | Sun 1p-4p
Tel:  (310) 419-4077
Web:  http://beaconartsbuilding.com/
Curator Statement: http://theloopshow.com/show.html
The Loop Show Artists Related Links: http://theloopshow.com/show2.html
Press Release:  http://beaconartsbuilding.com/pr-the-loop-show 

the china outpost 中華前沿 . 01 Oct 2011 – 30 Sep 2012 . Premiere Broadcast 01Oct11 2230p

A self-imposed sweatshop @ the basement of an art gallery on Chung King Road
Chinatown LA . California 90012
Nuttaphol Ma
the china outpost . 中華前沿
For the 2011 California Community Foundation Irvine Fellowship, multi-disciplinary artist Nuttaphol Ma creates a self-imposed sweatshop located at the basement of an art gallery on Chung King Road, Chinatown.   With a time clock purchased from his current “day job”, Ma clocks in and clocks out his time.  Recycled plastic bags from markets, discarded packaging materials, food packaging consume the space.
The premiere broadcast on Saturday 1st October at 1030pm (PST) commences Ma’s undertaking.  Within the space, Ma set forth to deconstruct the materials and repurpose them at the outpost for their eventual re-use as the core building materials of his ancestral house.
Participants are invited to follow Ma’s tweets @thechinaoutpost as he clocks in and clocks out his time.  Schedule of weekly broadcasts is listed via The China Outpost Ustream Channel.
This project was made possible by the generous support from The California Community Foundation.
01 Oct 2011 to 30 Sep 2012
Premiere Broadcast: Saturday 01st October 2012 1030p – 02nd October 0130a
Schedule of weekly broadcast:  www.ustream.tv/user/nuttaphol/shows