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Wurlitzer Residency
Taos . New Mexico
05 Jun – 15 Aug 2019
I will be at the Wurlitzer Residency in Taos over the next few months.  Words cannot describe how thrilled I am! The alignment of my past dreams has led me to this forthcoming journey.  One involving walking from a riverbank upwards to what I recalled being an open field. The other involved wandering in the mountains and witnessing an Elder blessing a young child. During my residency, I will embrace these dreams and bring them to my conscious by setting my body in motion on this land. I will wander the mountains surrounding Taos. In solitude with the land, I will search routes from the base of the Rio Grande to the grand mesa. Recordings of these unfolding moments surrounding these gestures will give form to my essay film, creating a kinship between stories, journeys, words, moving images, and sound.