Ghost Ranch
280 Private Drive 1708 Hwy, US-84
Abiquiu NM 87510
Artist Talk
I’ve been invited to give at talk at a workshop entitled “Prophetic Action”.  The workshop explores the central role that creativity and art play in initiatives and movements that seek to bring about a more just and equitable world.
My talk, entitled “Mindful Cartography : Connecting patterns and sequences of dreams, the everyday, the subconscious, the conscious to create wandering lines towards home”, traces past and future works – pivotal moments by moments – to create a map that focuses on core questions that underline my projects.  These questions are: “How can I make work about life if I do not live? and “What can one person do to impart change?”
Date: Wed 24Jul2019
Time: 7p-830p
Site: Ghost Ranch